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Perfect gifts for loved ones in assisted living

Moving into assisted living can be a big adjustment. Not only is your loved one moving out of their own home and will now share space with many other people it also means they will have to say goodbye to many of their personal belongings. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make their new space unique to them and a special place they enjoy spending time.

A few things to keep in mind when choosing gifts for loved ones in assisted living:

  • Space is limited so smaller items that can be stored easily or do multiple things is best
  • Valuable items can go missing and with people in and out it is possible they may be taken so don’t send items that cannot be replaced and get insurance on expensive items that can be replaced

Electronic photo frames

Space is limited and this will allow them to see photos from all of their loved ones in one frame. Load it up before you give it to them and when you visit spend a little time updating the frame with new photos.

Activity books and puzzles

Does your loved one enjoy crossword puzzles or word finds? Choose a puzzle book that they can enjoy with visiting grandchildren. This will give them an activity to do together or keep the grandkids entertained to allow for a longer visit for the adults. 

Puzzles are also a great gift for those in assisted living because it gives them an activity to fill their time. It is also something that can be shared with other residents and make new friends.

Device for video calls

Phones are great, but seeing the face of the person you are talking to can make a huge difference. Video calls have come a long way and small devices can now be used to keep in touch no matter how far apart you are. Choose a device and service that is easy to use and print instructions for them to get on to make and answer calls.

A sign-in journal for visitors

This is a great gift for someone who has memory issues. A beautiful sign-in book will help them remember who they saw and when. Make sure it has space for visitors to leave a message so your loved one can have fun looking back on the visit.

When considering gifts it is always best to consider the capabilities and condition of your loved one. Make sure they will feel comfortable using the gift and not be frustrated or stressed by it. Also be aware that many assisted living facilities do not have the extra staff time to assist with technology needs so it should be something that your loved one can easily do with a little coaching from you.Giving the perfect gift is a great way to remind them you are always thinking of them and make their new space feel more like home. When you can’t be there in person due to distance or illness a gift that brings you together in another way will bring a little comfort to both of you.

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