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10 Ways To Make Your Kid’s Sick Day Fun For Both Of You

This time of year there are plenty of germs making their way around schools which means there is an increased chance you will spend the day at home with a sick kid. So how do you make the day enjoyable for both of you without spending the whole time camped out in front of the television?

1. Visit memory lane

Kids are naturally curious and who doesn’t love a good story. A sick day is a great time to take a trip down memory lane. Play a game of 20 questions and encourage them to ask about anything in the family history they’ve ever been curious about. Pull out the baby books and photo albums and relive some of your favorite moments.

2. Create a secret world

Pillow forts and blanket tents can be just as fun as an adult and your sick kid will enjoy having a little space all their own.

3. Spend some time in the kitchen

We all crave certain things when we are sick. Maybe it is homemade soup or ice pops or a fruit smoothie. Make yourselves something healing and delicious.

4. Board game marathon

Grab a stack of your favorite games and plenty of snacks. Whether you choose a game like Monopoly that could take you all day long or several shorter options, let the friendly competition begin.

5. Storytime

Who doesn’t love a story? Pick a pile of your child’s favorite books for some family storytime. Have each person curl up in a quiet corner with their own book or listen to an audio book together.

6. Tackle a jigsaw puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle is a great low energy way to spend the day. Pick a difficult puzzle to occupy your mind and clear a table to spread out on.

7. Play scientist

There are plenty of science experiments that only require a few common household items. Search the web for a few fun options like homemade slime, invisible ink, or a tornado in a bottle.

8. Do a little crafting

Most of us have a collection of craft materials – construction paper, beads, and more – just sitting around. Gather it up and get crafty. Make some friendship bracelets or decor for your kid’s room. Just have fun and be creative.

9. Become an artist

Grab a sketchpad, a coloring book, or some paints and spend a little time working on your art skills.

10. Catch up with family

Even though you can’t meet up with family in person a sick day is a good chance to catch up with family using technology. Set up a video call with grandparents or other family you haven’t chatted with in a while.

Sick days should include plenty of rest, but this list of activities will help keep everyone from going stir crazy without expending a ton of energy.

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