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Staying Involved In Your Kid’s Life Even When You Aren’t There

One of the most important things a parent can do is provide their children with love and support. With everything we have going on in our lives that can’t always happen in person. Between work, school, and other activities we spend quite a lot of time apart. So how do you show unconditional love and support no matter where you are?

  • Online messaging

Even though today’s technology can sometimes seem like it is keeping us apart, it can also play an important role in building strong family relationships. Using the GeoZilla app offers peace of mind knowing where your children are which can let parents be a part of things they can’t be there for. If you notice your child at a friend’s house or an after school activity, message them and ask how things are going and if they are having a good time.

Sometimes getting a surprise message can make your child’s day. They might not realize it, but they are often on their parent’s minds. So send them a quick message of love to brighten their day and remind them you are always there.

  • SOS button

The hardest part, and often the biggest worry, of being a parent is not being there when your child needs you the most. Being able to virtually be there and provide support from afar when your child is going through something tough makes it a little easier on both parent and child.

The GeoZilla tracker comes with an SOS button that can send a message to your assigned contacts. This feature is great for a child facing bullying or other difficult situations. They will instantly feel their parent’s support knowing that they are only the push of a button away.

  • Create rituals

Most days follow a consistent pattern for a family. Work, school, after school activities. There is the opportunity to build into these daily routines little rituals that show love and support. A short note in the backpack. A walk to the bus stop together. Building in times and rituals for positive communication are little reminders of unconditional love.

You can also use technology to your advantage to create daily rituals. With the GeoZilla app and tracker you can get notified by the app when your child arrives at school daily and use that as a chance to send a quick note to have a great day. Making this a daily occurance helps create a positive routine for parents and their children.

Showing love and support daily builds a strong bond between parents and children. Whether in person or using technology it only takes moments out of your day to show a child how much you care.

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