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Activities For Building A Strong Relationship

Strong relationships take time and commitment and don’t happen without a little planning on the couple’s part. Whether you’ve just started dating or have been together for decades it is important to continue to do activities together to strengthen your communication and build trust. Here are some ideas to make your relationship even stronger (and they make great Valentine’s Day activities). 

  • Workout together

Get physically stronger while also strengthening your relationship. Breaking a sweat and releasing endorphins is a good way to bond and build trust. Try doing a group exercise class together, go for a run to get out in the fresh air, or do a weight rotation and spot for each other. Also, having your partner’s support and active participation can make it even more likely you will reach your fitness goals.

  • Start a two person book club

Having deep conversations about topics of shared interest can be important to keeping communication strong. The longer you are together the harder it can be to find things to chat about. Discovering a new read together can be a great conversation starter. Pick a book, set a date to have it finished by, and organize a little book chat at your favorite coffee spot.

  • Travel together

Experiencing new things and going outside of your comfort zone as a couple is a great way to build trust in each other. Being in an unfamiliar place puts you on even footing and can force you to work together to navigate or to work through cultural boundaries. Being in a place where you don’t speak the language can also force you to converse a little more than normal.

  • Help out in your community

Helping those less fortunate than you can make you realize how lucky you are. It can also make you feel really good about your community and your relationship knowing that you gave back together. It also gives you an opportunity to spend quality time together doing a positive activity instead of just vegging out in front of the TV after a long day.

  • Cook together

They say food is the language of love so what better way to grow closer than to cook together. If you are both comfortable in the kitchen, pick a recipe and go shopping for the ingredients and spend a leisurely evening at home preparing a meal. Turn on a little music, pour a drink, and enjoy the process without interruptions of your normal day. If you could both use a little upgrade in your kitchen skills, look for a local couples cooking class and learn something new together.

  • Couples therapy/Talk time

Even the happiest couples can benefit from time dedicated to open and honest communication. Whether it is professional therapy or just a designated time each week to lay all your cards on the table and openly talk it can be important for building trust. A strong relationship is built on trust and will allow you to discuss difficult topics and know that the other person has your best interest at heart. We encourage discussing the use of things such as geolocation to ensure that it is being used in an appropriate and helpful manner and not as a tool of control.

Building a strong relationship should be fun and interesting, so get out there and do something together. Volunteer, travel, cook … but above all else – communicate.

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