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How not to lose things: Three techniques for keeping track of your stuff

Is one of your resolutions to stop losing things and be more organized? In our busy lives we could all use a little help with that. Here are three techniques for keeping track of all your important items.

  • Have a place for important items

Figure out what items you lose most often and create a designated place for them. Always misplacing your keys? Place a small tray by the door so you can drop them in as soon as you return home. Constantly losing your phone? Purchase a nice charging station and place in an obvious spot in your home so you can always put it there. There are a lot of organizational trays, containers, and tools out there to fit your lifestyle and decor so figure out what items you lose the most and what sort of storage will suit your needs.

  • Use a tracker

Tend to misplace items not just in your home but while you are on the go? A GPS tracker might be the best option for keeping track of your stuff. The GeoZilla GPS Tracker is great for items such as purses, vehicles, and luggage. The tracker uses GPS technology so you can pinpoint the location on a map using real time information. Never forget where you parked your car or left your purse again.

An added benefit of using the tracker for important items is it reduces worry related stress. If you are stressed you are more likely to lose things so it becomes a vicious cycle. Knowing that you can always find it if you do misplace it will help relieve some of the worry and make it easier to remember where you put an item.

  • Train your brain

Most of what you do everyday is part of a routine that you don’t consciously think about. To change your routine you need to consciously think about what you are doing and where you are putting items. Doing this day after day and visualizing yourself placing items where they belong will help train your brain to do it automatically.

Leave the stress of constantly misplacing items behind and free your mind up for more important things than where you placed your phone this time. With these easy techniques and gadgets you can make this year your most organized yet.

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