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How To Use GeoZilla In An Emergency

We hope we never find ourselves in an emergency, but it is always better to be prepared for the chance that one could happen. GeoZilla trackers are a great way to protect the whole family when an emergency does arise.

  • Location information

Sometimes in an emergency the person that needs assistance can’t call for help or they don’t know where they are at. Having a GeoZilla tracker on you means someone will always be able to pinpoint your location.

If your loved one needs help you will be able to notify the authorities and give an exact location so they can get the attention they need quickly.

  • Tracking notifications

Most people follow a pretty normal routine in their daily lives. Using GeoZilla tracking notifications you can get notified when your child arrives and leaves school, scheduled activities, and other designated locations. Knowing that they have deviated from their routine could give you a heads up that something is wrong and prompt you to check-in with them.

If something is wrong, you are now that much farther ahead of the situation and getting them the help they need.

  • SOS button

Often emergency situations arise and occur quickly, not leaving a lot of time to call for help. With the Geozilla SOS button you can quickly notify specific contacts of an emergency and your location with the press of a button.

With one little device you can protect your family and be prepared to find your loved ones in any emergency. Knowing the location of the person who needs help means they can get the assistance they need quickly and potentially save lives.  

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