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How To Pick The Right GPS Tracker For You

Geotrackers can be used for a variety of things and there are trackers out their to fit everyone’s needs. So how do you know you are getting the right one for you? 

First, think about what you plan on using it for. Will you be tracking a person, a pet, or an item? 

Tracking a person

If you plan on using the device to track a person such as a child or elderly relative one there are some important features to consider. First, a GPS powered tracker is the best option because unlike bluetooth powered trackers these refresh their location without being near your bluetooth powered device. That means if you get separated from the other person you can find the current location of their tracker on a map instead of just where the tracker was the last time it synced with your bluetooth (and not necessarily where it currently is). How frequently the device updates location will affect the battery life of the tracker so having the ability to customize location reporting is important.

Another feature to consider is an SOS button that will notify specific contacts when used in case the person using the tracker needs assistance. 

Features to consider: GPS connection; durability; battery life; frequency of location refresh; geofencing; SOS button.

Tracking a pet

When looking for a tracker to use on a beloved pet it is important to consider the size and durability of the device as well as if it can be attached to an item such as their collar. GPS trackingis the best option for tracking pets, especially if they tend to get out of your yard or home and you need to be able to locate them. Geofencing might be a feature to consider if you want to be able to set up alerts for as soon as your pet leaves a specified area. 

Features to consider: GPS; durability; waterproof; battery life; frequency of location refresh; geofencing.

Tracking an item

Keeping track of important or valuable items is a popular use for trackers. A few things to consider when choosing a device for asset tracking are frequency of update, battery life, and tampering notification. For this tracker you probably want something with a long battery life so you don’t have to charge it often. You also won’t need location updates as frequently so don’t need to pay extra for a device with frequent or customizable schedules. 

Features to consider: GPS; tamper proof; battery life; frequency of location refresh.

Whether tracking your favorite item, your furry friend, or a family member picking the right tracker from the beginning will save you time, money, and frustration. A little research can go a long way when it comes to getting the most out of whatever tracker you decide to use in your daily life.


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