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Keep Your Pet Safe With A Tracker

We often treat pets as part of the family and want to do everything we can to keep them safe. We take them to the vet, we train them to stay away from the road, and walk them on a leash. Pets can also be some of the most mischievous family members and their smaller size, speed, and the fact that they are often left at home alone means they can sometimes escape. Thankfully with a GeoZilla tracker on your pet it can be a much easier journey to reunite the whole family.

How the tracker works

The GeoZilla tracker is a small rechargeable device that can easily be attached to your pet’s collar. The tracker is water resistant and durable so even if your pet wanders through puddles or tends to play rough you can rest assured the tracker will still work. 

The tracker also allows you to set up a geofence. So if your pet has a designated area of property they are allowed to wander to you will be notified if they leave that area. The allowed area can also be set for just the house. Who hasn’t opened the door to grab an order and have their furry friend slip outside?

Tracking a lost pet

The sooner you know your pet is missing the more likely you are to find them. The GeoZilla trackerwill notify you as soon as your pet leaves the designated area which gives you an increased chance of finding them before something happens to them.

With real time tracking capabilities you can see exactly where the tracker is on a map. That means you can pinpoint your pet’s location and get to them quickly versus going off of delayed sightings and hoping to catch up to them at some point.

Pets can often be the most adventurous family member so why not protect them while still letting them explore the world? Putting a GeoZilla tracker on your pet’s collar is an easy, non-invasive way to keep them safe and give you the peace of mind that even your four-legged family members are safe when you can’t be there.


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