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Tips To Avoid Distracted Driving

They’ve taken the classes, read the booklet, and even put in time behind the wheel, but letting a teen driver head out on their own can still be nerve wrecking. Besides basic driving skills the biggest concern for teen drivers today is distracted driving.

Everyday there are new distractions – the radio, phone calls, texts, social media alerts, a smart watch, and the list goes on and on. So how do you avoid the distractions and keep your eyes and mind on the road?

Tips for avoiding distracted driving:

  • Limit the number of passengers.

The more people there are in a car, the more possible distractions for the driver. Young drivers love having their friends along for the ride, but many states limit the number of riders a teen driver can have in the car at a time. Check your local laws and keep your teen’s focus on becoming a better driver before allowing joyriding.

  • Turn your cell phone to driving mode

Most cell phones now come with a driving mode so when someone calls or texts they receive a message that you are currently driving. If your phone doesn’t have this setting download one of the many apps available. This limits the incoming distractions and allows you to keep your phone on in case of emergency.

  • Go hands free

If you must keep your phone on while driving and expect to be taking calls, get a hands free set-up or use your car’s built-in bluetooth features. This isn’t the best option, especially for inexperienced drivers, as it still leads to potential distractions, but it frees your hands for faster reaction times should something happen. And if keeping the phone turned on means temptation to text the GeoZilla tracker will notify you if they text while driving so you can continue to encourage better driving practices.

  • Get organized first

Before even pulling out onto the road make sure everything inside the car is organized. Is your seat in the right position? Check the mirrors. Set the GPS. Pick what you are listening to and of course buckle up. Adjusting systems as you go can take your eyes off the road for even a few seconds that could make all the difference.

  • Pull over

If something becomes a distraction from driving safely pull to the side of the road or another safe area and take care of it before continuing. 

Having a young driver can be stressful, but preparing them for the responsibility of being behind the wheel and continuing to monitor them is key to your sanity and their safety. Teaching them to avoid all of the daily distractions while driving is one step. Tracking them with a geozilla tracker will also give you added comfort seeing how they are doing behind the wheel and knowing they’ve gotten to their destination safely. With the GeoZilla tracker and App you will be able to see when they are speeding, when they accelerate rapidly or brake harshly, or use their phone for texting. And it gives you an extra layer of protection with car crash detection that will notify you if they are in a collision and contact emergency services. Learning to drive is an exciting time in life and the best time to set the foundation for good driving habits.


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