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How Do You Protect Yourself When Traveling Alone? Top 5 Travel Safety Tips For Women

Solo traveling can be an exhilarating experience of personal growth and discovery. It does, however, come with its own set of risks, especially for the growing number of females taking part in this style of travel. Here are five ways you can stay safe and fully enjoy your solo adventure.

  • Leave your full itinerary with someone

Leaving your itinerary with a friend or family member back home means someone will always know where you are or where you should be. This can also be very important in the case of natural disasters, human disasters, and other major disruptive events.

  • Set a regular check-in with someone back home

Make sure you set a schedule for checking-in with someone back home before you depart and make sure they have a copy of your travel plans. If you miss a check-in, they will be able to contact the accommodations where you should be. GeoZilla is a great way to maintain regular check-ins with friends and family so everyone has the peace of mind that you are safely enjoying your solo jaunt.

  • Don’t forget your safety common sense

Just like at home a little safety common sense goes a long way. Stick to well-lit areas at night. Keep your phone within easy reach in case of an emergency. Know your limits when it comes to drinks and never leave your drink unattended. Even though you are on vacation your guard should not be lowered.

  •  Choose small group tours and go through trusted sources for tour guides

When visiting a new city, tours from local experts are a great way to get to know your surroundings. The number of small tours offered have increased over the past several years and these tours offer you the chance to see a city with your specific interests in mind and meet fellow travelers with similar interests.

  •  Know the local emergency info

The local emergency numbers have been drilled into your head since childhood, but you probably don’t even think about who you would call in an emergency when traveling. Always be sure to look up the local emergency numbers for new destinations and dedicate them to memory. Thankfully, most places keep them simple like 911 in the US.


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