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How to talk to young children about bullying

Bullying can happen at any age so talking to your kids about what it is and how to deal with it is an important conversation to have. If it does occur, having kids who are prepared to deal with the situation makes it easier on them and on you as the parent. 

The Geozilla GPS Tracker can help them feel like they aren’t alone even when you can’t be there. 

  • How to bring up bullying

Bullying can be a difficult subject to bring up for both parent and child. If the child is being bullied they might feel embarrassed, ashamed, or alone. Use situations you encounter together to bring up the subject of bullying. For example, if it comes up on a show you are watching together or in a book you are reading ask how the child feels about it and if it has ever happened to them.If you experienced bullying as a child sharing your own experience can be a good way to start the conversation as well. 

Ask each day how their day was. If you know bullying is happening during a certain subject or with a certain person make your questions descriptive such as “How was gym today?” or “How did it go with so and so today?”

  • The difference between bullying and playful teasing

Sometimes it can be hard to know whether a situation was just teasing, a disagreement, or has crossed the line into bullying. Teasing is usually done in a playful way that both children find funny. Bullying is repeated behavior that is aggressive and a power play by the person doing the bullying.

  • How they might be feeling

Bullying isn’t always physical, but it is almost always emotional. Bullying can make children feel anxious, stressed, and embarrassed. Acknowledging how they feel and that it is natural to feel that way is a good first step. It is important to remind them that it isn’t their fault and that they aren’t alone. Help them feel confident and supported. The Geozilla GPS Tracker can help them feel like they aren’t alone even when you can’t be there. 

  • How to respond if they are experiencing bullying

Teaching children to respond appropriately to bullying is the best way to help them stop the behavior and potentially avoid future situations. Practice appropriate responses so they feel comfortable speaking up for themselves. A few recommended responses include: 

– Walk away – if you walk away and don’t acknowledge the bully it doesn’t let them have the power they hope to have over the other person.
– Use humor – “kill ‘em with kindness” is sometimes really the best way to go as it can help diffuse the situation and doesn’t give the bully the power they crave. 
– Ask for help –  encourage your child to seek out an adult they trust or use their Geozilla tracker button. Knowing the button is there can give them the peace of mind that they aren’t alone and give them the confidence to speak up for themselves or simply walk away.

  • How to ask for help if the bullying gets worse

Unfortunately, bullying can get worse even if you follow the tips above. Being prepared for this possible situation is important. When bullying continues even with your best efforts it can leave everyone feeling like they are at their wits end. But there are a few things that you can do to help your child through the situation.

The Geozilla app and GPS Tracker can be used to give you and your child peace of mind. This way you know where they are at all times and if they ever feel like they need immediate assistance they have their button to push. Another important part of solving the issue is communicating with the school or other place where the bullying is taking place. Communication with the school should start early in the process, but if it continues to get worse consistent and continued communication with the school.

Keeping the lines of communication open with your child is always important, but is especially important when they are facing a situation such as bullying. Showing support, providing tools for them to face the bully when you can’t be there, and encouraging them to continue to build their self confidence will make them not only better able to handle a bully should they face one, but to stand up for others in similar situations.



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