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Locate your kids with an Apple Watch

We are happy to announce that our application now supports Apple Watch! Powered by GPS and LTE capabilities of the Watch 3 and 4 we now offer the full functionality of our mobile app on your smartwatch. 

Children that are too young to own a phone can now share location with their parents using an Apple Watch.

You have probably noticed that Apple Watch displays the same notifications as on your phone. Today however with Apple Watch’s LTE capabilities, you are no longer required to cary your phone around to continue to share your location.

We believe that this freedom from having to carry your phone around to be on the family radar is most beneficial for keeping our children and elderly safe.

To add an Apple Watch to a family circle within GeoZilla:

1. Download the app on your iPhone; the app is also automatically uploaded to the paired Apple Watch.

2. Log in on your phone and go to My Devices.

3. Open the app on an Apple Watch and tap “CONNECT.”

The app will start sending location updates immediately.

You can set up a ‘Dependent User’ account on an Apple Watch to monitor the family member’s location without sharing your own location updates. Please make sure to switch off notifications for your personal apps on your Apple Watch if you plan to give it to another user.

We believe that seamless cross-device communication offers accurate and meaningful information about our loved ones, information we can use instantly to take action if needed. The next time your child doesn’t pick up the phone, you will be able to find them through GeoZilla on their Apple Watch and make sure they are safe.

Give this new feature a try and share your feedback with us at Help us make millions of families worldwide safer.


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