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Accepting Imperfections and Making Time for Family

We all get into a time within a relationship where we note the imperfections of our partner. With two adults and often times kids involved it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and start to get bitter about the imperfections our partner has. Not only will this thought pattern destroy the relationship but it will destroy your family. It’s time to start learning how to accept imperfects so that you can have more time for your family.

Not one person on this Earth is perfect, by definition perfection is that of a superior being that does not reside on this Earth. Perfection is something that you cannot thrive to be and it doesn’t exist for anyone, however, two people can be perfect for each other with imperfections and all. From day one you will realize what your partner has for flaws, it could be chewing with their mouth open, procrastination and other small things or larger issues such as them spending way too much cash when the budget is tight. Whatever you are dealing with within the relationship, remember you knew these imperfections existed earlier on in the relationship and choose to be with this person anyway.

Now that we have cleared the air with those imperfections that you clearly accepted the day you decided to be one with your partner, it’s time to address what you can now do with that freed up time in your mind. Focusing on our partner’s imperfections wastes precious energy and time that can be utilized to go have fun, enjoy life and have a beautiful time with your family. Here are some ways you can start making time for family once you let go of those imperfect thoughts:

  • Spend Half Hour Chatting – each day take one half hour to say nothing but nice things to each other. This conversation may seem small but it can do wonders to the self-esteem of your loved ones.
  • Eat a Meal Together – whether your family opts to sit down to breakfast or dinner every single day, make sure to eat a meal together every day regardless of which meal it is. Having family seated around the table translates into some pretty amazing family time with little effort.
  • Focus on the Happy – there are many happy memories you have created with your partner and family. Focus on those happy memories, perhaps share a slide show of photos with your family as a means to interact and reconnect together.
  • Keep your Mind on the Future – part of learning to accept imperfections is to keep your mind on the future, some will call it the bigger picture in life. You chose your partner for a reason, now it’s time to remember that reason and keep focused on the future you planned together.

There you have it, accepting imperfections of our partner is a great way to free our mind from the shackles of negative thoughts and in turn create more energy to spend together as a family unit. It doesn’t take much to change our thought patterns and have more family time; it’s just a matter of being dedicated to this change.

About the Author: Brandy Ellen is a Positive Lifestyle Blogger born and raised in New Hampshire, USA. Brandy is a successful work from home mom of three who enjoys inspiring others to live life fully.

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