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3 Communication Tools to Save a Marriage

Marriage is such a tricky relationship. You date, you fall in love and then wedding bells come. You are so in love there’s not an incident in the world that could tear apart this special connection you have with your partner. Then time goes on, life happens and perhaps kids come into the picture.

Conversations become few and far between, often you barely speak about the marriage and usually find discussions surrounding the household needs. This is completely common and happens to the best marriages out there, but you can turn it around. There are a few communication tools that will save your marriage, here they are:

Response Matters Most

It is not determined that a partner who comes at you with the initiation of an argument that an argument actually has to occur. Your partner may be upset, angry and ready to start verbally sounding off towards you, but your response can make or break this conversation. Learn that a response matters most when it comes to utilizing a communication tool that will save your marriage. You get to select the response or lack of one during a highly emotional debate with your partner to ensure the conversation doesn’t head south.

Physical Attention Curbs Anger

There’s no doubt that a tender touch from your partner can completely shift your mood from angered to happy in just a few moments. You know those times when you are so angry with your partner yet they reach over, touch your arm and gently kiss you; that is how you can learn to redirect the conversation back towards a positive. In that physically attentive moment your partner has just worked to create a response towards your anger that boosts happiness rather than fueling the negative emotions.

Time of Day Matters

Last, but not least, everyone has that one point of the day when they are exhausted, not thinking rationally and feeling quite done with the day. These times are quickly learned about your partner when in a marriage. Learn to not address any major concerns or issues during these times of the day. When you utilize this communication tool you will quickly see that your marriage is saved simply by you and your partner learning to respect when the other is exhausted.

There you have it three communication tools that save your marriage and will lead your relationship further into the future with happiness and respect towards each other.

About the Author: Brandy Ellen is a Positive Lifestyle Blogger born and raised in New Hampshire, USA. Brandy is a successful work from home mom of three who enjoys inspiring others to live life fully.

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