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5 Ways to Maximize Family Time

It’s vitally important as a parent to place significant value upon family time. Whether you are in the toddler years, the teen years or have young adults living with you, making time for the family is what keeps the bond going strong. Most parents desire to be the one that their child will turn to when they get into a bad situation or have a tough decision to make. When you learn how to maximize family time from day one, you are one step ahead of the game in reaching your goal to be that go to parental figure.

Here are 5 ways to maximize family time, regardless of how old your children are:

Add Family Time to the To Do List

We all have a super long list of what we need to accomplish each day. Whether you write it down or have it held tight in your mind, this list is something we all have. With that being said, a great way to maximize family time is to make it a priority. Start adding family time to your daily to do list to ensure you make moments happen where you connect with those you love most, your family.

Set Goal of Family Time Minutes

Okay so this is really simple and great for those who like to rise up to a challenge. Set a goal to have a specific amount of time each day or week set aside for family time. Learn to meet that goal each week and increase it if you can. Even just 15 minutes per day set aside for family time can make a huge difference in your child’s life. Set the goal and stick with it on a regular basis to maximize your family time.

Let go of Comparisons

We live in a world full of apps and social media platforms that tell us what type of parent to be. It’s not far-fetched to think that we all fall into the comparison mode and give our self a hard time if we are not living up to others. Let go of comparisons, no two families are alike. In order to maximize family time you must remain confident that you are doing what works best for your family.

Set Limits on Activities

Many parents will over schedule their kids with the mission to broaden their experiences. Sadly this over scheduling leads to less time for family. Learn to set limits on activities your kids do so that you all can still have time left in the day to sit together and talk. Perhaps allow each kid just one activity each season so there’s time to sit down to dinner together or spend 15 minutes before bed chatting.

Limit Screen Time

It’s not uncommon to see families seated together at home or in a restaurant glued to their smartphones. It’s time to limit screen time for the whole family if you truly want to maximize family time. It’s those little minutes that get lost when we are all programmed to stare at the television or other devices without communicating to each other. Limit screen time for all family members to ensure you make family time a priority.

While each of these tips will help you reach the goal of maximizing family time, there are many methods to go about doing this with the same result. Learn to find ways that work for how your family is and before you know it, you will become the parent the kids want to have conversations with on a regular basis.

About the Author: Brandy Ellen is a Positive Lifestyle Blogger born and raised in New Hampshire, USA. Brandy is a successful work from home mom of three who enjoys inspiring others to live life fully.

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