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Safety Precautions to Protect Kids from Abduction

More than 2,000 kids per day are abducted that’s according the results listed from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. With the number being incredibly high it’s no wonder more parents want to find safety precautions to follow so that their child doesn’t become another statistic. Parents worry about enough these days between Internet safety and ensuring your kids are safe when at school. Today we wanted to share a few safety precautions to protect kids from abduction so that you can feel you have done your best to protect your family.

Updated Photograph

The first step to ensuring your kid may have a higher chance of being found if the unthinkable happens is to ensure they have an updated photo. Most school systems now take school photos of your kids a couple times a year to ensure the database of children is current. If your school only takes photos once per year make sure to have many photographs on hand at home that would help officials find your kid should the unthinkable happen.

Emergency Safety Spots

Teach your kids to look for an emergency safety spot whenever they are out at a playground, walking home from school or out away from parents view. In addition make sure that your kid always knows your home address as well as phone number so that they can give a safe person a way to reach you. Teach your kids what an emergency safety spot would look like and help them differentiate uniforms of police officers from the local janitor; kids may get confused on safety uniforms because they are too young to realize the difference.

Child ID Kit

Every kid in your house should have a little ID kit that you keep on hand should your child get abducted. Reality is that nearly 2,000 kids each day get kidnapped, learn to realize that this can happen to any child regardless of how safe you think you are being. The child ID kit should include physical description of child, current photograph or two of child, fingerprints, piece of hair and so forth to ensure officials have the most to work with in the case of abduction.

GPS Tracking Devices

Regardless of how old your child is there is a GPS enabled tracking device for anyone. With smart watches to apps on the smartphone, you are surely able to place a GPS locator device on your child to know where they are at all times. Using a GPS family locator app will help you to feel a bit better knowing that you can find your child quicker when this device is enabled.

There are quite a few safety precautions you can take to protect kids from abduction and while none are sure fire ways to keep this from happening to your family, we hope that you can rest a little easier knowing you are doing all you can to protect your children from abduction.

About the Author: Brandy Ellen is a Positive Lifestyle Blogger born and raised in New Hampshire, USA. Brandy is a successful work from home mom of three who enjoys inspiring others to live life fully.

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