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Talk so Children Listen

The largest part of your parental duties pertains to how well you talk to your children. Communication is crucial in having your children start to comprehend, listen and in turn become well-rounded little people. Life is hard enough when you are trying to raise a bunch of children, so today we wanted to share 10 ways to talk so children listen because it will honestly make your parental life easier.

1. Be the Source of Positive Praise – don’t overdo positive praise, as with anything it’s all about balance. If your child is excited about something, be excited for them. Let go of the fact that you don’t get it or aren’t as excited as them, your job is to be excited for your child.

2. Always Know There’s Power in Choice – communicating with your children usually involves telling them to do something which means you should start to use the power in choice. Allow your child to have a choice whenever possible, they will be more apt to listen.

3. Don’t Speak with Emotions – this is an extremely difficult part of communication for any human being, but as a parent you must hold yourself to higher standards. Refrain from talking to your child when heavily angered or frustrated as they will tune you out.

4. Ask Questions Often – children seem to respond to a parent better when the conversation is led by questions that ask what the children thinks about a certain situation or demand upon them. While you are the person in charge, it’s important to let your children express their thoughts.

5. Pay Attention to Body Language – your body language will speak volumes to a child of any age. Be conscious of speaking in a way that matches your body language, as your child will “hear” your body language louder than your words.

6. Talk to Them Respectfully – there’s really no need to yell, take time to be firm yet compassionate in your tone. This will go a long way when it comes to talking so that your children will listen.

7. Speak at Eye Level – it’s extremely important as a parent to remember to get at eye level with your child when talking to them. Children have been shown to respond more positively to parents who talk at their eye level as opposed to towering over them.

8. Keep it Simple – this is so important when it comes to younger children and teenagers, as their attention span is super short for different reasons. When speaking to your child be sure to keep it to the point so that there is no confusing on what you have stated.

9. Use the When, Then Approach – this can go well with keeping it simple, be firm in using the sentence, “when, then”. So when you are done brushing your teeth, then you can read a book with me, or something similar.

10. Keep it Age Appropriate – if you are trying to get a 2 year old to comprehend your instruction by using a long paragraph sentence then you are only setting yourself up for failure. Learn to speak at age appropriate levels as your child grows to ensure they comprehend appropriately.

These 10 ways to talk so children listen are pretty straight forward, as with any part of parenthood, it may take time to tweak this into methods that work best for your children. There’s no one way approach to getting your children to listen. Each of these suggestions may work as a bundle or in part for your family, try them all and see how it goes!

About the Author: Brandy Ellen is a Positive Lifestyle Blogger born and raised in New Hampshire, USA.  

Brandy is a successful work from home mom of three who enjoys inspiring others to live life fully. Learn more about Brandy at


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