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Tracking Apps Give Peace of Mind While Raising Teens

In this technology-driven world we live in, raising teens has brought on a whole new level of parenting woes. Parents struggle with the need to ensure their teens are safe while still giving them much-needed space to grow. The overall unstable mood of a teenager, based on hormone changes, doesn’t really make the parent’s job easier, either.  

Parenting as a whole isn’t supposed to be easy, and raising teenagers isn’t easy either.

Tracking apps give peace of mind while raising teens because it allows parents to see a little dot and know where their teen is. Be it at work, hanging with friends or just down the road visiting with family members, parents feel safer knowing that in this day and age that they have some grasp on knowing where their teens may be. The teen’s response to tracking apps is that their parents don’t trust them and they want to invade their privacy. While both sides of this story are easily understood, let’s discuss this further.

Family locator apps were created with one mission in mind: to help keep families closer while they are apart. These tracking apps that are currently available in the online marketplace were not created as a means for teens to feel smothered. They were created as a means to allow parents to love them from afar. We no longer live in the days where the closest person you could talk to was living just a few blocks away. With smartphones in the hands of so many teens, they have access to a huge audience of strangers which increases the risk factors.

The best assurance a parent can provide their teen who is feeling suffocated by the fact that their parents want a tracking app installed on their smartphone is this:

“We have no idea what you are doing; all we know is where you are located at a specific moment in time. You still have free reign to make good or bad decisions. We just want to make sure you are at least alive, even if you appear as a little blue dot and could be making bad choices. As parents, it simply puts our mind a bit more at peace.”

Truth be told, it’s a scary world to be raising teens in for parents across the globe. Having a family locator app installed on their teen’s phone just gives each parent a sigh of relief even if that parent barely checks the app or only does so when they need a little peace of mind. The peace of mind this family locator app brings, to parents raising teenagers is priceless.

About the Author: Brandy Ellen is a Positive Lifestyle Blogger born and raised in New Hampshire, USA. Brandy is a successful work from home mom of three who enjoys inspiring others to live life fully. 


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