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4 Ways to Make Time for Your Partner

Marriage is a two way street and it takes work to keep it growing stronger with each passing year. As time goes on and you both gain careers, possibly kids and pets that time between the two of you slowly disappears. While life may get busy for you both as your marriage lasts longer, it’s important to remember that time alone matters. If you are looking to keep your marriage lasting long term, then you should start implementing these 4 ways to make time for your spouse.

Have a Regular Date Night

Having a regular date night cannot be stressed enough, sure you’ve read about this being an important part of making time for your spouse over and over again. The truth is that a regular date night allows you to reconnect after a busy week of being focused on life. The best way to ensure you remain consistent with this decision to have a regular date night is to set a particular day of the week where you are committed to this date night regardless of what happens in life.

Write Little Love Notes

There’s something to be said about sweet nothings hand written on a little note left where your spouse can see it. These little love notes will allow the heart strings to be tugged at in just a small moment of you focusing on this kind gesture. Making time for your spouse is as simple as doing something like writing little love notes to show them you are thinking about them. These notes will inspire a reconnection like none other, and possibly rekindle some romance.

Pick up a Hobby

As time goes on the vision you both had at the start of your marriage may have disappeared a little, it happens to the best of us. Try to pick up a hobby together, discuss things you both enjoy or want to learn how to do and create a hobby bucket list. This hobby bucket list will be something you both work towards completing within a year timeframe and who knows you may find something you both enjoy so much that it’s added to your regular daily life.

End the Day with a Chat

While date night is super important, so is keeping the communication open and strong through the duration of your marriage. Try to end each day with a chat together, this can be a small talk discussion where you both simply chat about your day and work together to resolve any issues that have arisen that particular day. This is a great way to make time for each other and feel as if your day is just as important as your spouse’s day.

About the Author: Brandy Ellen is a Positive Lifestyle Blogger born and raised in New Hampshire, USA. Brandy is a successful work from home mom of three who enjoys inspiring others to live life fully. 


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