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The Importance of Human Connection in a Digital World

Social media is emerging as a super popular place to interact with anyone in the whole world, including family members. With apps that help such as the family locator app where you can stay connected with family digitally, it’s easy for us to get lost inside of the digital world. While we may be a world driven to interact at around 140 characters and less, there’s still some importance of human connection in a digital world. Today we will enlighten as we discuss this importance.

Lack of Tone

While social media and apps may seem like the way to go as a means to quickly stay connected on the go, it is lacking on thing – tone. It’s difficult to maintain a real human connection if all you are doing to interact is texting, there’s no tone there. Many things can be miscommunicated and misconceived when you interact strictly with text message apps.

Humans Need Socialization

While this may be the biggest reason social media has hit it big and a family locator app makes sense, they can socialize with family while on the road; we still have needs to socialize face to face as human beings. Humans were built to have that affection and face to face contact, without it the world is a very lonely place.

Need to Express

Human beings have a need to express themselves and nothing works better than a regular ole sit down meeting between friends. When living in a digital world, there’s the lack of body language you read when interacting with someone face to face. Since we have the need to express, our body language triggers better expression for others to fully interpret what we are trying to convey.

Lack of Exercise

With this digital world advancing beyond measure, there’s a lack of exercise happening across the world. No more do we need to walk down the block to say hi to our neighbor, we can shoot them a text via Facebook or on the family locator app so as long as they are one of our connections. This removes exercise from the human world and advances health problems.

We Need Human Interaction

The bottom line is that all humans were born to interact in a face to face, personal manner. We were not built to be robotic people conversing solely through text messaging programs. The need for human interaction is something embedded deep within our soul. Today we invite you to reach out to family and friends to gather around the patio table for real life conversations over a few cold beverages and delicious food.

About the AuthorBrandy Ellen is a Positive Lifestyle Blogger born and raised in New Hampshire, USA. Brandy is a successful work from home mom of three who enjoys inspiring others to live life fully.


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