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Using Family Locator App to Stay Bonded

When it comes to raising a family you have one mission in mind, keeping them safe. In today’s world with smartphones and tablets everywhere we turn, it’s no wonder many families are finding themselves glued to the screen rather than communicating to each other verbally.  Since we can’t fight the changing of times, we wanted to share a few ways you can use a family locator app to stay bonded amidst the technology addiction both parents and children have.

  • Smartphones equipped with a family locator app will allow you to remain in contact with your teen from afar without them feeling smothered. It’s a great way to monitor where your teen has been during the day to give you creative conversational starters during dinner time.
  • A family locator app will allow you to get notifications when a member is going off track of their regular routine. This is specifically great for times when you are trying to monitor a teenager, because we know teenagers have a mind of their own.
  • Some family locator apps have the option of a messenger program which can allow you to text family members. This is perfect for a husband and wife to surprise each other later in the day by sending a message, “meet me here” and having the spouse see where the partner is located in that moment. No directions required.
  • Knowing that you can tell where a family member is located immediately helps parents rest easier during the times their children are away from them. Family locator apps give parents a peace of mind feeling that allows them to be calmer during family time because they have been able to ensure the safety of their children throughout the day.
  • Use your family locator app to play a hide n seek adventure with the family. Determine boundaries that each of you can travel within and watch the dot on your screen as a means to try to find each family member. The trick to this is setting a timer so each seeker only has a limited amount of time to find the hiding family member. It’s a great twist on the old fashion game of hide and seek.

There may be family members who feel that family locator apps invade their privacy, while some would agree this is true, we like to think of family locator apps as an option to remain connected. When you use a family locator app in creative ways, you really can bond deeper with your family. Try using some of these tips as a means to solidify a bond between husband and wife as well as parents and children.

About the Author: Brandy Ellen is a Positive Lifestyle Blogger born and raised in New Hampshire, USA. Brandy is a successful work from home mom of three who enjoys inspiring others to live life fully. 


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