Safety Precautions to Protect Kids from Abduction

More than 2,000 kids per day are abducted that’s according the results listed from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. With the number being incredibly high it’s no wonder more parents want to find safety precautions to follow so that their child doesn’t become another statistic. Parents worry about enough these days betweenContinue reading “Safety Precautions to Protect Kids from Abduction”

What Age Should a Child Get a Smartphone?

The question every parent struggles with in this technologically driven world is, “what age should my child get a smartphone?” The answer is different for every family because each of us live under different circumstances. There are some telltale signs of when your child may be ready for a smartphone. There are many things toContinue reading “What Age Should a Child Get a Smartphone?”

Fun Board Games for Family Night

Family night is a great way to encourage interaction between family members. This night can be started at any time throughout your parenting days and sometimes continue on into adulthood. While there are many ways to host a family night with your kids, many opt in to play board games together. With an ever expandingContinue reading “Fun Board Games for Family Night”

Accepting Imperfections and Making Time for Family

We all get into a time within a relationship where we note the imperfections of our partner. With two adults and often times kids involved it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and start to get bitter about the imperfections our partner has. Not only will this thought pattern destroy the relationship but it will destroy yourContinue reading “Accepting Imperfections and Making Time for Family”

Best Practices to Keep the Peace

With politics, religion and other sensitive topics being heavily thrown out there on social media, it’s no wonder many families are forgetting the proper etiquette for family conversations. You are seated around the dinner table with family and friends when it happens, someone mentions politics and quickly the dinner conversation goes downhill. Many of theseContinue reading “Best Practices to Keep the Peace”

Locate your kids with an Apple Watch

We are happy to announce that our application now supports Apple Watch! Powered by GPS and LTE capabilities of the Watch 3 and 4 we now offer the full functionality of our mobile app on your smartwatch.  Children that are too young to own a phone can now share location with their parents using anContinue reading “Locate your kids with an Apple Watch”

How to Fix Helicopter Parenting

We all want to protect our kids and make sure they’re safe and healthy. Where this can become problematic is when in an attempt to protect our kids we shelter them from outside world. In doing so we can restrict their learning and eventually lose their trust. The great news is that we live inContinue reading “How to Fix Helicopter Parenting”

5 Steps to More Effective Parenting

Our children аrе influеnсеd by us in ѕо mаnу wауѕ thаt уоur асtiоnѕ аѕ a раrеnt саn еithеr lеаd tо gооd behavior оr harm them. Firѕt, rеаlizе thаt in оrdеr tо hаvе a gооd rеlаtiоnѕhiр with your сhild, уоu аrе tо bе a раrеnt firѕt, аnd nоt thеir bеѕt friеnd. Follow these 5 simple principlesContinue reading “5 Steps to More Effective Parenting”

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