How To Communicate Better With Your Kids Online

Today’s kids are online A LOT and there isn’t really a way to change that. The world is moving online and learning to effectively communicate with each other in our new world is key to harmonious relationships. Offline communication will always be important for parent child relationships, but using online forms of communication can beContinue reading “How To Communicate Better With Your Kids Online”

10 Ways To Make Your Kid’s Sick Day Fun For Both Of You

This time of year there are plenty of germs making their way around schools which means there is an increased chance you will spend the day at home with a sick kid. So how do you make the day enjoyable for both of you without spending the whole time camped out in front of theContinue reading “10 Ways To Make Your Kid’s Sick Day Fun For Both Of You”

Staying Involved In Your Kid’s Life Even When You Aren’t There

One of the most important things a parent can do is provide their children with love and support. With everything we have going on in our lives that can’t always happen in person. Between work, school, and other activities we spend quite a lot of time apart. So how do you show unconditional love andContinue reading “Staying Involved In Your Kid’s Life Even When You Aren’t There”

5 Things Parents Can Do Right Now to Prepare For A Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak is probably on your mind right now even if it hasn’t directly affected your community. With a fast spreading virus it is important to be prepared. Besides stocking up on non-perishable food items, household supplies, and other basic needs there are several other things parents can do to prepare.

10 Signs Your Aging Parent Needs Help

When we are growing up our parents seem like superheroes and they are always there for us. But as they get older the relationship often shifts to where they need more help from us. It can be hard for older parents to admit they need help from their adult children and others so knowing whatContinue reading “10 Signs Your Aging Parent Needs Help”

Perfect gifts for loved ones in assisted living

Moving into assisted living can be a big adjustment. Not only is your loved one moving out of their own home and will now share space with many other people it also means they will have to say goodbye to many of their personal belongings. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make their new spaceContinue reading “Perfect gifts for loved ones in assisted living”

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