Locate your kids with an Apple Watch

We are happy to announce that our application now supports Apple Watch! Powered by GPS and LTE capabilities of the Watch 3 and 4 we now offer the full functionality of our mobile app on your smartwatch.  Children that are too young to own a phone can now share location with their parents using anContinue reading “Locate your kids with an Apple Watch”

How to Fix Helicopter Parenting

We all want to protect our kids and make sure they’re safe and healthy. Where this can become problematic is when in an attempt to protect our kids we shelter them from outside world. In doing so we can restrict their learning and eventually lose their trust. The great news is that we live inContinue reading “How to Fix Helicopter Parenting”

How To Teach Your Kids About Strangers Without Scaring Them

Spend just five minutes watching the news or reading your local newspaper and you realize the world seems like it’s getting crazier and less safe by the day. As a parent, you want to make sure you not only keep your child safe from harm but also teach them how to keepthemselves safe when you’re notContinue reading “How To Teach Your Kids About Strangers Without Scaring Them”

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