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Choosing Your Teen’s First Car

Your teen’s first car is an important milestone and an extremely important decision. Even though they might have dreams of shiny sports cars or rugged SUVs, discussing realistic expectations is step one in choosing the right vehicle for a young driver. A few other things to consider when choosing your teenager’s first car:

  • Safety

Cars come with a wide variety of safety features and find one that has the right mix for your teen driver and your own piece of mind is important. Look for features such as electronic stability control, automatic emergency braking, obstacle avoidance, and blindspot warning systems. A GeoZilla tracker is also a good option for adding safety for your teen driver. Track your teen driver’s speed and location and even get notified if they text while driving.Should an accident occur the GeoZilla tracker will notify you of a collision and contact emergency services.

Teens are living in a very connected world and can easily be distracted so finding a vehicle with built-in smartphone connectivity and voice activated features might be something to consider if it fits your budget.

  • Efficiency

Having a car can be a big expense so make sure that you get the most efficient car for your money and driving needs. Consider the type of driving your teen will be doing the most – city or highway? And how far they will typically be driving.

  • Insurance

Your insurance rate will be affected by adding another vehicle and the cost is based on several features. Newer cars tend to cost more to insure and teen drivers can be more expensive because they are more likely to drive without a seatbelt and drive distracted. Check for possible discounts related to grades and driving history of the family.

  • Comfort

The comfort level of the teenage driver is an important factor to consider. We aren’t talking about their physical comfort with heated seats and leather interior, but their psychological comfort with the car. Are they comfortable driving and handling a larger vehicle or a more compact vehicle? Choosing a size they feel relaxed driving is important to helping them stay focused on the road.

  • Maintenance history

If buying a used car consider the maintenance history for the specific vehicle you are purchasing as well as the brand overall. Has the car you are purchasing been well taken care of? Is the brand known for low maintenance costs and fewer repairs and recalls? Also, look for a vehicle with remaining warranty coverage.

Enjoy this big life moment and walk away from your decision knowing that you made the best choice for your child’s first car.

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