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Fun Board Games for Family Night

Family night is a great way to encourage interaction between family members. This night can be started at any time throughout your parenting days and sometimes continue on into adulthood. While there are many ways to host a family night with your kids, many opt in to play board games together. With an ever expanding market of family friendly board games, it can be difficult to know what board games are actually fun. Today we are showcasing a few fun board games for family night and sharing why we think you should try them in your household.

Connect 4 – while this is a 2 player game, you can purchase more than one and have a family night tournament. Setup game play just as a professional tournament would occur, having each winner play another winner until there are only two people left.

Watch Ya’ Mouth – this fairly new game will keep your family laughing all night long. You join as teams and place a mouthpiece within your mouth. Players have a card with a phrase on it and must say it with the mouthpiece in. Team members must guess what the player is saying. This goes on for 4 rounds and is hilarious!

Slide Chip – the perfect game for younger kids with short attention spans. The family will literally have fun trying to get three of the same color chips on the board as they are projected from a little ramp. This is perfect for a high competition game play without the requirement of focus.

Bounce-Off Game – think beer pong but kid friendly! This is a fun game that mimics beer pong in that instead you bounce balls onto the grid to make a pattern. Family members can team up to see which team wins! This game will encourage much later and team play for family night.

Pie Face – get the floor covered and be prepared for a mess with this game. Pie Face is a fun game that involves taking the old “pie in the face” competition a bit further. You take turns with your face sitting there ready for whip cream to be tossed in your face at any moment. A fun time but with a lot of mess!

Fibber – in this stretch the truth game you get to tell fibs as a means to trick the family. Watch as you grow a nose with cups that have to be placed upon your nose as your fibs are caught. The family member who knows how to tell a tall tale may just win this game!

There you have it, a few fun board games for family night that are sure to knock your socks off. Between laughter and team play, your family will certainly reconnect during game play with any of these fun board games.

About the Author: Brandy Ellen is a Positive Lifestyle Blogger born and raised in New Hampshire, USA. Brandy is a successful work from home mom of three who enjoys inspiring others to live life fully.

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